This Week’s Actions

Technicians will be visiting the neighborhoods of the executives from the company that are keeping us out of work. We want to show our presence so they don’t forget the faces of the people they are making suffer.

Tommorrow Tuesday July 18 Spectrum Cable will be co-chair panel at an event with the National Action Network in an attempt to highlight their help to the community.  We want to have a strong presence there to make sure the people they are trying to impress understand what they are doing to all the people they decided to hurt and put out of work. We need to be all out for this event.

NYC has hundreds of thousands of unionized workers.  With an ongoing attack on the work force by corporate America all employees union and non union alike are at risk.  We are sending a message to the central labor council to alert all unions of the attack we are facing from this company. If they succeed who will be next?  To go along with that notification we are looking for volunteers to visit the work sites of the other unions of NYC.  We will be looking for petition signatures from them to send to elected officials to gather more support for our movement. The attack on our union affects all unions.  Spectrum Cable’s disrespect for NYC will not go unnoticed and we will look for support from all union and non union workers in our movement to pull Spectrum Cable’s franchise.  If they can’t respect our city lets kick them out.

These initiatives coinside with the constant tasks we are looking for every member to do from home or their phone to help get us back to work on our feet, not on our knees like they want.  We will walk back in with the respect and dignity we deserve.

See your Steward or Picket Captain for more information.  Do what you can to help.

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  1. I posted to ABC and NBC to investigate the contractors and who in Spectrum management may own part of them and make millions off the strike. It is also the reason they wa t to lay us off and keep contractors. So far I haven’t heard back from either one.

  2. This Actiion not to Fairly Negotiate is the Corporations Ace in the Hole to Ruin the lives of all our members in order to remove the Union. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

  3. Where is this event being held at so we can crash it and make sure the whole world knows who we the men and women of TWC is are and will always be UNION STRONG

  4. What happened just in the B.C. fiber ops group alone speaks to the new way Charter does business ruining a good company. We lost some very knowledgeable techs that would not have left us if they didn’t treat them with the disrespect they do. Our management was replaced with people who had no networking or fiber knowledge. We have a supervisor with no previous field, fiber or network experience. He was brought in just to help implement matrix. And there were no codes for our work to implement.

  5. Just received my letter from Quigley stating I was getting a raise to reward me for my years with a substantial increase in wages. But the plan they send me will lower my pay by 131 dollars. Does he know the difference between increase and decrease? That doesn’t include to 10000 that their great medical plane will cost me each year.

  6. No one touches any cable without me pulling my phone out and record. Some are getting to know my face. It’s not just during strike time it’s 24/7 . If my wife is driving she will pull over if a scab of any kind are seen. I have had better luck on my own time the when we are on the hunt for them. Its probably a matter of time before one of them takes a shot at me. We will win

  7. Hi, received your VM and left a message this morning. I have a letter of support that I think would be helpful to the cause. Where can I send it to?

  8. Does the union even want to negotiate? They continue to get a pay check. How about we all go to their houses until they work to get is a contract. 120 days and nothing but letters with bo action. Lets wake up.

  9. Dear tecs,
    Be positive, feed not into negativity. Try not to be angry but be peaceful in your demonstrations. Stick together and believe with all your heart that things will be better. Have belief that the brave stance you take today will result in a better tomorrow. Again tecs, be not angry, be not negative; but be positive, be peaceful. Stand together knowing that the stance you are taking is a just one. It’s a stance to be treated fairly and to be valued and respected. Everyone makes mistakes and perhaps Time Warner/Spectrum made one too. Look not unto the mistake, but look towards the resolution. Not only is your stance one for fairness, value and respect unto the workers; but think of the people you serve also. Do it not only for youselevs, but for one another and also the customers you serve day to day, keep them aslo in your minds with the belief that what you are all doing is going to result in a better outcome for all. Have belief, be positive, be happy because this that is being done for the better, will happen! There will be a better work place environment and tecs will be able to serve customers to the best of there abilities and customers and tecs will be . Believe in this and stick together and you will see it. Very proud am I, for the stance you all have choosen to take.

    Wish you all Peace Love & Happiness.

    Remember, Nothing is impossible.

    May the force be with you all.

    Be happy and dont worry, things will be better!

    Be Local#3
    You can do it!

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