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Faulty modems with the Puma chipsets, identified by their serial numbers, are currently in customers homes. The manufacturer of this modem has admitted modems with the Puma chipset identified by their serial number have had latency issues. Spectrum/Charter has left these modems in customer homes.

Recently New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made the decision to sue Spectrum/Charter communications for misleading customers by failing to deliver the faster Internet speed and performance they were promised.

Since the change over from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum Cable customers have voiced concerns about Spectrum Cable raising rates and cutting services.

Spectrum Charter is using a large number of out of state contractors in NYC. These contractors are turning to places like Craigslist to attempt to hire people to come into your home. These people are not familiar with NYC and have even spoke about carrying weapons in NYC.

Even though 1800 in house Spectrum Cable technicians are on strike Spectrum cable went before the NYC council and stated they have had no more customer complaints than normal.

Have you had complaints about Spectrum Cable services or billing that have gone unheard or unanswered by the company?

Please go to the NYS Public Service Commission website (see link below) click on “Public Comments”, then click “post comments” in upper right hand corner of the screen.

These comments are concerning the merger of Charter/Spectrum. The commissioners will be reading the information posted on the website.

Please use the site to voice your comments, concerns, and your personal hardships.

NY Public Service Commission Website